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Dalmia Bharat celebrates empowerment of 18K women on International Day of Rural Women



Dalmia Bharat Group on Sunday announced the successful empowerment of 18000 women on International Day of Rural Women. Through the establishment of Self-Help Groups (SHGs), these women are provided essential skill training and access to vital resources for sustainable livelihood development.

In collaboration with various organisations like NRLM, NABARD, etc. Dalmia Bharat organizes various training initiatives like micro-enterprise development, handicraft production and others in both farming and non-farming sectors. All these activities are conducted in communities settled around their regions of operation across 12 states in India. These initiatives aim to upskill rural women to empower them, diversify their income sources and provide access to formal credit systems.

Two notable initiatives in Odisha include Project Hastakala – upskilling women artisans and enterprise development via mushroom cultivation in communities surrounding its facilities in Cuttack, Rajgangpur and Lanjiberna Mines. Dalmia Bharat has enabled over 10,000 women in Odisha to become financially independent earning a monthly income ranging from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 8000, significantly improving their individual well-being and the ability to support their families.

Project Hastakala is an ‘earning with joy’ skill development programme where women are trained in the unique tie & dye batik products. This project is conducted in tribal areas of Jhagarpur and Katang panchayats in Odisha. After witnessing immense success at national exhibitions, Dalmia Bharat introduced the SADRI.e brand for promoting the handmade batik products like bedsheets, handkerchiev​es, scarves etc. through multiple marketing platforms.

Another successful initiative includes enterprise development through mushroom cultivation. Dalmia Bharat actively facilitates training programs and market linkage support for SHG women, equipping them to earn an additional monthly income of Rs. 5000 by establishing their own cultivation units.

Commenting on the company’s initiatives on International Day of Rural Women, Dalmia Bharat Foundation CEO Ashok K. Gupta said, “Rural women in developing countries play a vital role in food security and economic development but face severe marginalization, including limited land ownership, higher illiteracy rates and unequal earnings compared to men. Dalmia Bharat is dedicated to uplifting marginalized rural women through holistic programs that bolster their income while managing household responsibilities. Our commitment aligns with UN Sustainable Goals, promoting self-reliance and gender equality for an inclusive and sustainable India, where empowered women drive community and national development.”

International Day of Rural Women, observed annually on October 15, celebrates the vital role of rural women in agriculture, food security, and rural development. It highlights the need to empower them, address inequalities, and aligns with global goals for gender equality and sustainable development.

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