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Dalmia Cement organises exposure visit for Lanjiberna students



The Rajgangpur Unit of Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited organised an exposure visit for students of Lanjiberna Upgraded High school to Dalmia Institute of knowledge and Skill Harnessing (DIKSHa) Training Centre, Dalmia Private Industrial Training Institute (DITI), LVPEI Dalmia OCL Eye Centre and Line-3 cement plant in Rajgangpur recently. The exposure visit was planned with the objective to enhance knowledge of students about the process of cement manufacturing as well as welfare endeavors carried out by the company under its CSR ambit.

The students came from surrounding villages of Lanjiberna mines such as Rumabahal, Kheramuta, Lanjiberna, Babudihi, Turitoli, Teketoli etc.

On their arrival at Rajgangpur Club House, the students and their parents and teachers were given a presentation on cement plant and its peripheral development work carried out through CSR initiatives of the company. Then, the students proceeded to DIKSHa training centre where they were informed about different placement-linked training programs imparted through qualified and experienced trainers. Later, they visited the Line-3 plant, and participated in the plantation program organised inside the plant premises and planted different species of saplings. The students went round the plant and were told about the cement manufacturing process. The students keenly observed the operations and asked various questions like how the cement is manufactured, its process and all the necessary information involved in it. This apart, they were also given a demonstration of the Fire Extinguisher through which they can deal with any fire emergency at any place. 

Speaking at the occasion, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited Executive Director and Rajgangpur Unit Head Chetan Shrivastav said, “I believe that the exposure visit to the plant would further trigger interest in science and manufacturing among the children.” “I hope that you have learnt a lot from today’s exposure trip and would make best use of it in your life,” he told the students.

Speaking about the CSR initiatives taken by the Rajgangpur Unit, Shrivastav further said: “When industrialization happens, people of the locality are benefited and their standard of living also goes up. We are working closely with the community and have undertaken various developmental works including flower cultivation, mushroom cultivation, etc in peripheral areas of the plant to boost the financial status of tribal people. We have also set up a primary health centre at Lanjiberna to cater the basic health needs of people of the locality. That apart, we have set up Dalmia OCL Eye Centre in association with LVPEI to extend the best eye care facilities to the people. Again, Dalmia ITI has been imparting technical training to people who are being successfully employed in major commercial establishments.

During the exposure trip, a quiz competition was also organized among the students. The students were very excited to see the working of the production unit at Dalmia Cement. Through such exposure visits, the young students learn and get to explore job opportunities in manufacturing sectors and also get an opportunity to do formal interaction with Corporates.

“We are delighted to get the opportunity to visit the plant along with our children,” said the parents.

Thanking Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited management for arranging the exposure visit, teachers said, “The students are very excited to see the plant as we all had always seen it from outside and the visit is a unique experience which will always be in our memory.” 

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