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‘Dhwani’ set to engage youth for global action



Tata Steel Foundation is all set to organise ‘Dhwani’, a youth conclave on January 11-12. Coinciding with National Youth Day, the fourth edition of Dhwani will be hosted on virtual platforms this year.

Revolving around the United Nations theme for International Youth Day, Dhwani aspires to provide a platform to youngsters to network and voice their aspirations.

During the conclave, more than 1,000 young minds from Odisha and Jharkhand will come together to absorb multifaceted perspectives from eminent thinkers, change-makers and subject-matter experts and also share ideas and action plans for social change.

Dhwani, in alignment with the UN theme, will be exploring ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’.

Tata Steel CEO & MD T V Narendran will address the young minds on the inaugural day while Vice President (Corporate Services) Chanakya Chaudhary will share his perspective on ‘Representation in Key Decision Making Processes’.

The sessions will discuss and bring to light some of the most outstanding examples of youth engagement in the areas of education, climate action, economic development and youth representation. The conclave will explore opportunities for youth participation and meaningful engagement in the decision-making process while echoing the voice of youngsters from remote areas and their drive to make a difference.

“Tata Steel Foundation through its programmes across Jharkhand and Odisha has the privilege of meeting and working with youngsters whose perspectives and stories must receive a broader platform as we are convinced that they are going to lead the charge towards the India of tomorrow. Dhwani aspires to be that platform and brings together these youngsters in a bridgital format with a hope that their passion for social change and stories of personal determination will reach the larger narrative in policy and practice,” said Sourav Roy, Chief, Corporate Social Responsibility, Tata Steel.

So far, Dhwani has witnessed participation from more than 1500 youngsters from across Jharkhand and Odisha and experts on youth issues, youth icons, academicians, development practitioners, spiritual teachers and humanitarians from across India.

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