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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Swarara Mahamancha 2021 – A treat for connoisseurs of music



As Zee Sarthak, the leading general entertainment channel of Odisha, airs reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Swarara Mahamancha 2021’ on weekends starting todayArghya Roy Chowdhury, Business Head of Zee Sarthak, speaks in detail about the musical entertainment show. Excerpts:

How does the new theme ‘Nua Rupare Nuabarsha Manoranjan Bhara Sara Barsha’ go along with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Swarara Mahamancha 2021?

Zee Sarthak has always aimed to inspire its viewers to overcome the trials and tribulations of life and succeed. We have kept the theme of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Swarara Mahamancha 2021’ tuned with Zee Sarthak’s new vision ‘Nua Rupare Nuabarsha Manoranjan Bhara Sara Barsha’ which encompasses all the additions the channel is about to make for the viewers’ entertainment through new fictional shows, new films and reality and talent-based shows.

This time we are revamping the musical show in a brand new avatar, bringing forth Odisha’s rich multi-cultural and multi-demographic milieu at one stage where music defines the best and connects the people.

What’s the prime objective behind introducing this reality show; and who are your targeted audience?                                

Music has always been a great catalyst in bringing about calmness and rejoice in moments of despair. Through this new edition of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Swarara Mahamancha 2021’, we will not only create a platform for participants from remote corners of Odisha, but also for contestants who have been staying away from home to earn their livelihoods, to showcase their talents, besides setting them on a journey to find ways into the professional world of music.

Since Odisha has a rich heritage of dance and music, we believe this show will connect with the connoisseurs of music from all over the world, especially the Odia speaking community who can reconnect with their roots.

How could you manage the auditions during the Covid-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard all sectors and music/entertainment industry is no exception. We have adapted to the new normal by conducting online auditions. This time over 3500 participants showcased their talents in the digital platforms of Zee Sarthak. It was a humungous task for the judges to select the top 29 participants for the grand audition phase from the pool of talents we found. The second phase will see these top 29 contestants undergoing rigorous tests by the judges – renowned music director Goodly Ratha and noted singers Krishna Beura, Aseema Panda and Deepti Rekha – marking them on various parameters and the final 12 will be selected for the gala rounds, the actual competition.

Please elaborate on the theme of the first few episodes.

 ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Swarara Mahamancha 2021’ will be having 41 episodes and one grand finale. All the episodes will be interesting, and as the musical journey will proceed it will be much more competitive. The theme of the first few episodes has been adapted in a unique way keeping the emotions of the audience as well the contestants in mind. It will have themes from classical to modern, along with some never-seen-before moments, which will recreate the magic of music made by the artists from Odisha.

Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has a rich musical legacy of over 25 years. Do you think that the contestants of “Swarara Mahamancha 2021” will be able to match the standard and quality of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa?

Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa comes with a rich musical legacy since its inception and has gifted innumerable talents to the music industries nationally. Odisha being so culturally inclined, we are sure this time music industry will be getting some of its rarest and new talents. Judges will play a crucial role in finding another musical genius.

What’s your marketing/business strategy for this reality show?

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is the epitome of musical talent hunt shows, during which contestants are not just groomed for the competition at hand but also trained to make a professional career in the musical industry. With the 2021 edition named as ‘Swarara Mahamancha’, we want to communicate to our viewers that, this is the biggest stage for music in the country.

A special launch event was planned on the beaches of Puri, where we witnessed a real life Mahamancha built with sand, designed by renowned sand artist Sudam Pradhan. A series of performances by a select few contestants and our judges’ panel made the event all the more excitable for our friends from the media who were invited for a close interaction.

We are confident that this show will make weekend entertainment for the entire family, something to look up to for the entire week. With the gala rounds starting after the grand auditions, the viewers will be more engaged through the voting process and our social media handles will always have the latest updates and some interesting content to keep our viewers excited.

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