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Int’l Coastal Cleanup Day: Gopalpur Port organises mega beach cleanup drive



  Gopalpur Ports Limited (GPL) in association with the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Station, Gopalpur organised a mega beach cleanup drive on the occasion of the International Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday.

 More than 400 participants along with senior port officials, Coast Guard personnel, civilians and volunteers took part in the cleanup drive organised at beaches of Bateswar, stretching approximately 2 kms.

The cleanup drive was aimed at creating awareness among people to keep the beaches clean, safeguarding the environment and inculcating the habit of respecting coastlines which in turn nurtures marine biodiversity.

Gracing the special occasion, Gopalpur Ports Limited Chief Executive Officer (CEO) VJ Rao said, “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of wastes, especially plastic wastes, are the simple mantra to protect the oceans and our beaches. Thus, Gopalpur Port has been taking several initiatives to protect our coast and beaches.”

 “We are committed to the highest standards of sustainable development. We will accelerate our commitment to protect the coast of Ganjam district,” averred Rao.

 “It was a heart-warming scenario to see the voluntary participation of hundreds of people, who have been motivated to stop unnecessary littering and also extended help towards the cleaning drive,” said Ajay Kumar Mishra, VP (HR/IR), Gopalpur Port.

Approximately 100 Kg of plastic litter was collected during the drive.

Notably, International Coastal Cleanup Day is observed on the third Saturday of September every year to spread awareness about the importance of coastal cleanup.

On this day, the International Coastal Clean-Up Community encourages people around the world to remove trash and debris from beaches, waterways and other water bodies, to identify the sources of the litter, to change behaviors that cause pollution, and to raise awareness on the extent of the marine debris problem.

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