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JSP ED inaugurates Rahasabadi Centre of Jamunda Jungle Village


ANGUL, SEPT 15, 2022

The Executive Director of Jindal Steel and Power (JSP), Hridayeshwar Jha, inaugurated the Rahasabadi Centre of Jamunda Jungle village in Angul district in the presence of the villagers, community leaders and grass root level change makers.

Rahasabadi is a prominent infrastructure related to rural art, culture & heritage established in the villages in many districts of Odisha, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. Rahasabadi also plays a very vital role in maintaining socio-cultural unity in villages.

Inaugurating the social infrastructure for the villagers, constructed as an CSR initiative of JSP,  Hridayeswar Jha, said “Jindal Steel and Power is consistently  working towards  betterment of the society,  and  its social arm JSP Foundation has been  implementing  multi-dimensional  social developmental projects to uplift the quality life of local community on a sustainable basis. I am sure that the villagers of Jamunda Jungle will use this  Rahasabadi for conceptualization, planning and implementation of socio  cultural programmes in their village which will result in continuous enhancement of social bonding amongst the  villagers and in the  neighborhood.”

DB Pani, BB Pradhan, Puspa Satapathy and Ashish Ranjan Mohanty from Jindal Steel & Power and JSP Foundation joined the villagers for the inauguration of the Rahasabadi in Jamunda Jungle village.

Jindal Steel and Power under the umbrella of its social arm JSP Foundation, has been implementing multifaceted sustainable social development programme to improve the Human Development Index in the local Community in Angul district as well as in Odisha and other parts of the country.

JSP has won several national and international awards, the most prominent being the recently announced  National CSR Award by Ministry of Corp Affair, Govt. of India, for its CSR programmes.

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