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KiiT International School embraces innovative storytelling pedagogical tool to impart education



In June 2021, the CBSE Board announced introducing storytelling as a pedagogical tool across its schools to transform a multicultural, diverse classroom into an inclusive classroom where students understand each other and appreciate and celebrate the diversity. Keeping in line with the vision of the CBSE Board, KiiT International School adopted and introduced storytelling as a pedagogical tool for its students.

The teachers at the KiiT International School have been undergoing extensive training for the past two and a half years with Storywallahs, a Bangalore based storytelling training and coaching organization. Together, the teachers and experts from Storywallahs have built a bank of more than 100 stories to teach concepts in classrooms. The innovative pedagogical technique is being religiously followed till Grade V.

Speaking on the unique initiative, KiiT International School Chairperson Mona Lisa Bal said, “Stories have become an integral pedagogical tool for our day-to-day teaching at KiiT International School. Teaching concepts of Language and Literature through stories is exhilarating. It not only engages the little minds but also allows them to imagine and visualize. Stories once told to children are remembered forever. Storytelling has aspects that work for all types of learners. The magic of storytelling has definitely shaped the children to be better listeners, be more expressive and open to learning even in this pandemic.”

“We, at KiiT International School, have always strived to provide the best education to our students. In that quest, we embarked upon this journey of introducing this unique pedagogical tool for our students,” she added.

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