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Mother’s Public School’s annual day ‘Ankuram’ celebrates ‘Vision for a Better Tomorrow’



Mother’s Public School celebrated its annual day ‘Ankuram’ on Saturday, centered around the theme ‘Vision for a Better Tomorrow’ encapsulating plethora of programs consolidated on Sustainable Development Goals.

CBSE Regional Head T Mate graced the function as the chief guest.

Chairman and Principal of Mother’s Group of Institutions Poly Patnaik read the Annual Report highlighting the achievements of the academic year 2022-23. Mother’s Public School has included the goals of ‘Zero Hunger’, ‘Quality Education’ and ‘Life Under Water’ in the planner taking up each goal at a time by conducting workshops for students, orientation for parents for the betterment of education, and has emerged out successfully, said Patnaik. Several outreach programs have been conducted for promoting the local arts and artisans, she added.

Speaking on the occasion, Mother’s Public School MD Sreejeet Patnaik said, “Mother Public School Unit-1 branch is celebrating its Annual Function “Ankuram” today, focusing on core issues such as climate change and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The primary objective is to convey messages on how to preserve the climate for future generations.”

The school has also collaborated with the Government of Odisha Millet Mission and every fourth Saturday a stall is set up in the school premises and it is ensured that students and parents buy millet products from them.

Through ‘Ankuram’, Mother’s Public School has just begun their little step towards the betterment of the planet and the quality of human life; and hopes to be successful in spreading the message and fulfilling its objective by 2030.

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