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Rajendra Kar new Chairman of ICSI Bhubaneswar Chapter



          CS Rajendra Kumar Kar has been elected as the Chairman of the Bhubaneswar Chapter of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) for the year 2021.

CS Jyotirmoy Mishra, CS Ajaya Kumar Majhi and CS Bimal Prasad Pattanaik have been elected as Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Chapter, respectively.

           The new office bearers will look after the development of the profession of Company Secretary in Odisha. The committee under the chairmanship of Kar will also focus on the development of students and members, and coordinate with different educational institutions in the state for awareness amongst the students about the career prospectus of Company Secretary.

     ICSI is providing classroom teaching, reading room, library facilities to the students pursuing company Secretaryship course. It’s also organising various academic and professional development programmes for the members, students and other stakeholders.

ICSI has three examination centres, and it has signed MoU with IIM Sambalpur, Berhampur University, National Law University Odisha, Birla Global University, GIET University, Sri Sri University and Xavier University of Odisha. It has also 5 study centres in Odisha.

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