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RSP’s Project ‘Garima’ hones creative skills of women, empowers economically



Project ‘Garima’ undertaken by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) under its women’s empowerment initiative, has successfully entered the second month of its training module based on honing the embroidery skills of the women of Industrial slums. Ten women including adolescent girls and teenagers from Shantinagar Basti are undergoing the training programme at Institute for Peripheral Development of the CSR Department.

The enthusiasm and keen interest of the women to learn the craft is obvious from their statements. “Embroidery has been my hobby, and by further improving my skills through this training, I can add to my family income,” says Sunaina Sahoo, a trainee. Similarly, Sujata Sahoo another beneficiary says, “I want to learn and then train others.”

During the pandemic when the source of income was greatly hampered, the ‘Garima’ initiative of RSP tried to bridge the gap by proving additional skills for supplementing the family income.

In the first month of training, the participants have been trained in back stitch, running stitch, straight stitch, French knot stitch, satin stitch, feather stitch, bullion knot, Chain stitch, Stem stitch, Kantha stitch, mirror work, lazy daisy, cross stitch and many more, which they proudly display.  

The two-month programme aims at creating a hub for training of trainers and forming cooperative in the long run for sustainable livelihood by strengthening of linkages with Government agencies for accessing supporting schemes and widening marketing prospects. It also aims at greater market linkages and acceptability with established marketers and boutiques, thereby establishing a strong value chain for the group of trainees.

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