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Runaya establishes India’s first integrated aluminium dross processing unit in Odisha



Runaya, one of India’s fastest growing manufacturing start-ups, on Friday announced the inauguration of its aluminium dross processing and refining unit, the first such facility in India, at Jharsuguda in Odisha. The facility provides end-to-end green and sustainable solution for recovery of aluminium from dross and processing residual waste to manufacture steel slag conditioners.

Inaugurating the facility today, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik assured continued facilitation and support from the state government.

““Odisha is fast emerging as the manufacturing hub of Eastern India and has enabled the growth of industries in the state. We have always endeavoured to provide a hassle-free and smooth business environment for the investors in Odisha,” said the Chief Minister.

Aluminium dross is a by-product of the aluminium smelting process and typically ends up in the landfill with no comprehensive solution for its disposal till now. It is estimated that the world produces about 65 million tons of aluminium per annum currently, which results in about 1 million ton of aluminium dross being produced every year. In India alone, this number stands at about 60,000 tonnes.

The aluminium dross processing and refining plant in Odisha, with a capacity to process 30,000 tonnes of aluminium dross per annum, comprehensively addresses one of the biggest challenges faced by the aluminium industry that relates to handling, evacuation, processing and disposal of hazardous dross in an environmentally friendly manner. Runaya has implemented an innovative and sustainable model to eliminate waste and recover metal through a patented cutting-edge technology to process the mining waste and maximize metal recovery. The depleted dross is further used to manufacture tailor-made steel slag conditioner briquettes, that have found wide acceptance in steel refining and helped the steel industry in reducing costs and improving productivity, thus contributing to the manufacture of more sustainable and “greener” steel.

Through this process, Runaya contributes to reduction in Green House Gas emissions and reduction of carbon footprint for the aluminium industry. Runaya is also fully committed to ensuring global ESG standards and implementing inclusivity in all its forms, with an industry-disrupting 60% gender diverse workforce.

Runaya Co-Founder & CEO Annanya Agarwal

Runaya Co-Founder & CEO Annanya Agarwal said, “Through this pioneering technology, which ensures 100% utilization of waste, Runaya’s new facility at Odisha is disrupting the resources industry – currently even the best practices in the industry can only process 50% of waste. Runaya’s breakthrough approach delivers significant positive impact for the mining and metals industry.” Runaya aims to replace the linear economy model that the industry is currently following to pave the way for a circular economy model that is restorative, he added.

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