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Shyam Steel launches new digital campaign featuring Sonu Sood



Shyam Steel, one of leading producers and manufacturers of primary TMT Bars, launched its new digital campaign featuring Sonu Sood. The new film is the extension of Shyam Steel’s “Maksad Toh India Ko Banana Hai” campaign. The campaign reinforces the brand philosophy which reiterates that Shyam Steel will assist people in achieving their dream as steel is just an offering, but the bigger goal is to build the nation. The campaign has been directed by Piyash Ghosh from Bang On Content.

Through the campaign, Shyam Steel, represents strength, flexibility, and faith of the masses with the thought that steel is just an offering but building the nation is the larger goal. Achieving one’s dream epitomises perseverance, strength, and determination, which are also affiliated with Shyam Steel’s core brand philosophy and reflects the thought of building a progressive and developing nation. The balance of strength and flexibility keeps the foundation of the relationship strong which is also affiliated with Shyam Steel TMT bars.

The digital film showcases Sonu Sood as the protagonist architect and takes us through a journey of an Indian household where people across different ages, cultures, castes, tastes, ethnicities, and aspirations dream to stay together in the house to form one big and successful family. The campaign showcases the brand as the harbinger of a growing and developing India. When one’s dreams are built upon a strong foundation, like steel, they sustain for a long-long time. Similarly, when houses are built with Shyam Steel flexi-strong TMT rebars, such houses are more sustainable

Speaking on the TVC campaign launch, Lalit Beriwala, Director, Shyam Steel said “We at Shyam Steel aim to build the nation by assisting people in building their dreams. The digital film reflects the brand’s thought in connection with Sonu’s exemplary work in assisting people achieve their dreams and pave the way towards a progressive and unified nation. The campaign will help the brand to build a stronger connection with its target audience in the national market.”

Speaking on the ideation of the campaign, Piyash Ghosh from Bang on Content said, “This film is very close to our hearts because it is made not just for Shyam Steel but also for our nation. As one of India’s leading steel brands, the idea was to communicate that the brand is not just about TMT rebars but considering its legacy, it was about taking a much larger platform of the brand contributing towards a developing India. Using a metaphor of a modern home, the film visualizes India where diversity, culture, science and technology, hopes and dreams are built and achieved – brought to life by a perfect performance of actor, humanitarian and change maker Sonu Sood.”

Sonu Sood has become the heartthrob and role model of the nation through his humanitarian effort to help out the people in dire straits throughout the nationwide lockdown. The association between Sonu Sood and the brand reflects upon the same core value, i.e. helping people realize their dreams and build long-term relationships. The film will be promoted heavily across all digital platforms targeting the key market areas for Shyam Steel.

Shyam Steel with an annual turnover of Rs 4,500 crore is now on a steady expansion mode. The Company, an integral partner of building new India, is committed to meaningfully contribute to the realization of the target of 300 million tonnes steel production by 2030-31. The brand is associated with Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as the face of the company in addition to having Sonu Sood as its Build India Brand Ambassadors.  The company has also recently launched the “Shyam Steel Apna Ghar” app to provide consumers with hassle-free purchase of TMT bars and to boost the sales of their dealer distributor network.

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