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TPCODL illuminating rural Odisha through ‘Bidyut Seva Kendras’



Tata Power Central Odisha Distribution Ltd (TPCODL) is revolutionizing power distribution in Odisha’s central region with ‘Bidyut Seva Kendras (BSKs)’. With 550-plus strategically placed BSKs, TPCODL is dedicated to empower rural communities in Odisha through customer-centric approach and the transformative power of BSKs, illuminating lives and paving the way for a brighter future.

BSKs offer a comprehensive range of services, serving as one-stop solutions for all power-related matters. From prompt resolution of power supply complaints to facilitating bill payments and new connection requests, BSKs simplify the consumer experience. By consolidating these services under one roof, TPCODL has made power distribution more accessible and hassle-free for rural residents.

In line with the national vision of a cashless economy, TPCODL actively promotes digital transactions through BSKs. By encouraging consumers to utilize digital payment channels available at these centres, TPCODL enhances convenience and efficiency while reducing reliance on cash transactions. This emphasis on digitalization empowers rural customers and contributes to broader financial inclusion and economic development.

BSKs boast a dedicated team of technically adept service agents who ensure exceptional customer support. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by rural consumers, these agents address concerns promptly and effectively. Whether assisting senior citizens or resolving long-pending issues, BSK service agents bridge the gap between consumers and relevant officials, fostering trust and building stronger relationships.

To further enhance service delivery, TPCODL has embraced technological advancements, including the introduction of the ‘FCC Connect app’. This innovative mobile application provides an end-to-end solution for complaint management, enabling swift resolution of issues. By streamlining the complaint resolution process, TPCODL ensures timely interventions and improved customer satisfaction.

The impact of BSKs extends beyond reliable power supply and customer service. Access to electricity becomes a catalyst for socioeconomic progress in rural communities. With uninterrupted power supply, small businesses flourish, educational institutions thrive, and healthcare services operate seamlessly. BSKs have facilitated economic empowerment, job creation, and improved living standards, breathing new life into rural Odisha.

Speaking on this initiative, TPCODL Chief Executive Officer M. Shenbagam said. “Our Bidyut Seva Kendras swiftly resolve power supply-related issues, strengthening our rural connect. Our focus and passion is to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities, bringing essential services closer to millions of residents.”

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