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Godrej Group launches book to create awareness about safeguarding environment



On World Earth Day (April 22) this year, the Godrej Group has released a book titled “The Last Cloud, Ray, Drop, Mangrove and Bee” for children to urge them, other individuals and business heads to invest their resources in safeguarding the environment and protecting valuable species from extinction. Using this digital book as a platform, the group, sends an urgent message about preserving the environment for tomorrow.

Through the character ‘Maahi’ the book carries the message of inculcating environment awareness and its need for protection to every individual, through children’s tales. The book showcases the imperative of involving younger generations in the effort while reaching out to more people to help save our environment.

The key intent of the book is to foster concern for the environment by depicting how critical it is to establish good habits such asreducing, re-using and recycling at a young age since children tend to respond better to environmental issues.

Commenting on the book, Tanya Dubash, Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Group, said, “The Godrej Group has historically been at the forefront of environmental conservation and each and every organization under our umbrella is determined to making every effort towards a cleaner, greener and better world. We have always considered a sustainable work ethos as our responsibility to our nation and our planet. To safeguard the environment for the generations yet to come, we aim to promote personal responsibility through this book ‘The Last Cloud, Ray, Drop, Mangrove and Bee’. We hope to instil a sense of passion in every reader to invest themselves into preventing environmental degradation and nurture conservation.”

We will be launching the book in three parts, thereby, celebrating Earth Day for a whole week, Dubash added.

Anu Joseph, Chief Creative Officer, Creativeland Asia, said, “Every Earth Day, we’ve been asking adults the world over to think about the children of the future. This time though, we thought, ‘let’s redirect to the little ones.’ After all, the future of the planet is intertwined with theirs. And when the little ones know better about Earth’s history, they’ll grow up and change the global warming story. And our videobook, The Last Cloud, Drop, Mangrove, and Bee, gives that loving nudge through little Maahi and her friends as they spread planet positivity and change the world to be #EarthfullyYours.”

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