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Reliance Jio 5G connected ambulance delivers patient’s vital info before arrival at hospital



Reliance Jio has introduced a 5G connected ambulance at the Indian Mobile Congress 2022. This is an ambulance that will digitally transmit all vital information of the patient to the hospital in real time and that too before the arrival of the patient. In case of a medical emergency, the doctors present at the hospital can make all the necessary arrangements before the arrival of the patient. By looking at this ambulance, you can estimate how much the face of the medical industry will change in the future.

Jio’s pavilion feature​s​ a robotic arm that specializes in X-rays and ultrasounds. Indeed, through Jio True 5G, a radiologist or sonographer sitting hundreds of miles away can easily operate it. This robotic arm will directly connect city-based radiologists with rural patients. Now the villagers will not have to wander in or around the city for basic medical needs like X-ray and ultrasound and the report can also be obtained at home.

Reliance Jio is launching 5G service on Diwali. Operator is also working on a number of technological solutions for everyday life thanks to the high speed and low latency of its True 5G network.

One of these technologies is Jio 5G Healthcare Automation. Many frontline workers lost their lives in the isolation wards of hospitals during the Covid epidemic. Reliance Jio is working on the technology of such 5G controlled robots that will be able to deliver medicines and food to isolation wards as well as other patients.

Due to the use of cloud based 5G controlled robots, the possibility of error will be negligible. Their maintenance and sanitization will also be easier than humans with a robotic fleet management system and most importantly, thousands of frontline workers and patients’ lives will be saved.

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