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Vitesco Tech, Cebi join to develop sensor cleaning tech for autonomous e-driving



Vitesco Technologies, a leading international manufacturer of advanced powertrain technologies and electrification solutions and Cebi Group, a specialist in washer systems, are partnering to develop the Advanced Sensor Cleaning System (ASCS), a highly integrated all-in-one solution that can keep more than 10 environmental sensors clean with water pressure of up to 7 bar, using just a single infrastructure.

This addresses an important requirement for autonomous electric driving: Environmental sensors such as cameras and lidars must be kept free from dirt and adverse effects caused by wind and weather conditions for the safe execution of the autonomous driving function – and thus also of the powertrain. As future autonomous vehicles will generally be electric, the connectivity between the sensor and the electric drive is a key subject for this partnership.

“The all-in-one sensor cleaning system is a key product for autonomous electric driving. A single high-pressure pump is sufficient to supply several sensors, and with lower water consumption. Thanks to its high degree of integration, it is also very easy and economical to accommodate in the vehicle,” said Robert Paul, head of Actuators business unit, Powertrain Solutions division at Vitesco Technologies.

Etienne Jacqué, head of R&D at Cebi Group, reiterates the benefits of the partnership for vehicle manufacturers: “Combining our globally successful technology for washer systems with the electronics and electromechanical expertise of Vitesco Technologies creates a complete system that is a key enabler for autonomous electric drive systems.”

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