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HCL Foundation announces Rs. 16.5 crore grant to NGOs in 6th edition of HCL Grant


NOIDA, FEB 16, 2021

HCL Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of HCL Technologies Ltd., today announced the winners of the sixth round of the HCL Grant, a flagship program dedicated to strengthening India’s “fifth estate” of NGOs working towards nation building.

The three NGOs, one each in the development areas of environment, health, and education, will each receive a grant of Rs. 5 crore for a three to five-year project. In addition, two finalists in each category will receive a one-year grant of Rs. 25 lakh, making a total grant of Rs. 16.5 crore.

The winning NGOs of HCL Grant 2021 are: Sahas (Environment), India Health Action Trust (Health), and Child Rights and You (Education).

Under its HCL Grant program, the Foundation has so far committed a more than Rs. 60 crore excluding this year’s grants.

“The passion and zeal of our NGO partners to bring in scalable and replicable solutions have created systemic shifts across geographies, lending velocity to the sustainable development agenda. The winners and finalists of this year’s Grant also have significant stories to tell, with visible on-the-ground impact,” said Robin Abrams, Director, HCL Technologies.

Speaking about the wining NGOs, HCL Foundation Director Nidhi Pundhir said, “What is inspiring about these NGOs is that they are treating COVID-19 as the ‘new normal’ and are continuing with their path-breaking projects without a pause, creating a much-needed last-mile support framework.”

Recognized as one of the most sought-after validations amongst NGO ecosystems in India, the HCL Grant has in the past five years reached over 733,000 beneficiaries. The Grant aims to touch the lives of at least 1.72 million people in 8,598 villages in 70 districts across 18 States and two Union Territories of India.

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