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Livinguard AG steps up to safeguard Indians during Covid 2.0



Since March 2021, the daily cases of Covid-19 have been rising and have hit a 5-month high, with the maximum active cases reported from Maharashtra. One of the primary reasons behind the sudden spike is the complacency among the public about wearing masks and maintaining basic COVID protocols. To help control the increasing numbers and live up to its purpose of protecting the health and well-being of people, Livinguard AG, the globally renowned hygiene brand, has made their hygiene products, specifically masks and gloves, even more accessible for the masses and institutions – Governments, Public Sector Bodies, Corporates, Hospitals, Hospitality, Manufacturing units, etc.

By ramping up manufacturing in India, Livinguard has been able to bring down its costs and reduce prices upto 50 percent across B2B and B2C channels. Textiles treated with Livinguard Technology have been scientifically proven to destroy more than 99.9 percent bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Furthermore, they are reusable and washable up to 6 months, effectively replacing 210 single-use masks.

 “With the rise in daily cases, we at Livinguard, want to stand by the country, our Government, health facilities and our fellow citizens, to avoid maximum casualties during the second wave. Our purpose is to protect the health and wellbeing of people; we want to make our technology and its benefits more accessible and affordable for all in these difficult times. Our technology is scientifically proven to permanently destroy  more than 99.9 percent of SARS-CoV-2 virus and masks impregnated with Livinguard technology are protecting Covid Warriors all around the world,” said Sanjeev Swamy, Founder, Inventor & CEO, Livinguard AG.

Livinguard masks are washable and reusable, and mostly made from cotton making it eco-friendly and sustainable. Our masks need to be washed only with water about once a week and therefore, last you upto 6 months, he added.

The company claims that Livinguard’s unique and pioneering technology can play a vital role in defence against the novel coronavirus. Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin in Germany have confirmed the efficacy of Livinguard’s continuous self-disinfecting technology to permanently destroy the novel coronavirus when applied to textiles or surfaces. Similarly, the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Arizona, USA conducted laboratory testing on fabrics treated with the Livinguard technology and confirmed that the technology permanently deactivated greater than 99.9 percent of the human coronavirus, Livinguard AG said in a statement. Moreover, Livinguard Technology destroys continuously, which significantly diminishes the risk of transferring them to the user and to other surfaces, it added.

Several global and Indian organisations have chosen Livinguard products for the safety and protection of their employees. These include renowned institutions such as Alembic, KKR, RBL, Zee Network, Cipla and many more. Fine Hygienic Holdings in Dubai also empower their Fine Guard masks with Livingurd’s Technology. Livinguard has also partnered with Blue Star to provide their air conditioning and cooling units with Livinguard treated filters that can destroy bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus. Livinguard recently collaborated with PadSquad and Live to Give, to donate 50,000 reusable masks and 43,500 reusable sanitary napkins to the BMC, Mumbai Police, IT Dept and others.

On Livinguard’s recent donation to the BMC,  P Velrasu, Additional Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, said, “We are glad to partner with Livinguard, PadSquad and Live to Give. Livinguard’s unique and innovative antiviral masks can protect our frontline workers as they fight the Virus to keep the citizens of Mumbai safe. The pioneering Livinguard technology allows for reusability and washability of the mask up to 6 months, significantly reducing the waste generated from traditional, single-use masks. We are glad that Livinguard has joined our fight in protecting both people and the planet.” Livinguard products are vavailable across leading ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Nykaa, and Flipkart besides at leading offline retail stores and pharmacies. For bulk purchases to safeguard employees and staff, corporates and institutions one can connect with Livinguard directly at [email protected] to avail further discounts.

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