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Vedanta Lanjigarh honoured for its contribution towards Ni-Kshay Mitra Program



Vedanta Limited Lanjigarh, India’s premier producer of metallurgical grade alumina, was felicitated by the Chief District Medical & Public Health Officer, Kalahandi for its outstanding contribution towards the Ni-Kshay Mitra program in Kalahandi district.

The Ni-Kshay Mitra program, a pivotal component of the Ayushman Bhav initiative of the Central Government, focuses on providing specialized support to Tuberculosis patients through a revolutionized and digitized approach. The program ensures hassle-free accessibility to treatment and specific services, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and Hygiene.

The company was honoured in the presence of Member of Parliament Basanta Kumar Panda, for its persistent efforts in implementing the Ni-Kshay Mitra program.

Collaborating with the Kalahandi District Health Administration, Vedanta Ltd. Lanjigarh has been actively covering Lanjigarh, Narla and Kesinga blocks of the Kalahandi district in Odisha.

To ensure seamless and expedient care, Vedanta Lanjigarh has undertaken various measures, including free diagnostics and medicines, community awareness campaigns, counselling, distribution of more than 1000 nutrition baskets, and establishing a community support system for TB patients. Additionally, its Mobile Health Units (MHUs), operating in over 65 villages each month, conduct regular health check-ups, free screenings, and refer patients to Vedanta Hospital to prevent TB cases in the community.

Commenting on the honour conferred on the company, Vedanta Ltd.- Alumina Business Deputy CEO GG Pal said, “The welfare and health of our community is of paramount importance to us. Aligned with the Prime Minister’s vision of a ‘TB Mukt Bharat’ (Tuberculosis-free India), we take pride in collaborating with the Kalahandi District Administration to spread awareness about tuberculosis. These initiatives complement our holistic health and wellness programs designed for the well-being of our community members.”

“Vedanta Lanjigarh has always been at the forefront of ensuring community health and well-being in the region. They have supported the District Administration to augment healthcare facilities in Lanjigarh and nearby areas. Ni-Kshay Mitra stands as a prime example, with Vedanta Lanjigarh leading the charge in Kalahandi District. We are grateful for their invaluable contributions to healthcare in Kalahandi,” said Niharanjan Panda, Additional District Public Health Officer & District TB Officer.

Vedanta Aluminium provides a wide spectrum of basic and specialized health services in and around its areas of operations in Lanjigarh, including Mobile Health Units, Nand Ghars, Sanitation drives, Cataract Surgeries, and Health camps.

The company operates Mobile Health Units in its areas of operation, providing basic doorstep healthcare services, as per a predetermined schedule to over 22,000 patients from over 65 villages in Kalahandi district.

The company regularly conducts mega health camps in Lanjigarh with the assistance of medical personnel from government hospitals, providing free-of-cost, quality healthcare in remote parts of Odisha. The health camp initiative had more than 4000 unique beneficiaries in FY23 alone.

It provided cataract surgeries to more than 220 patients in Lanjigarh in FY23.

The Vedanta Hospital at Lanjigarh provides free of cost medical facilities to over 60,000 people across the communities annually.

To promote health and hygiene in the community, the company also organises cleanliness & sanitation drives where hygiene practices like handwashing are promoted. Moreover, employee volunteers work with the local populace to clean and disinfect drains & streets to help prevent infectious diseases.

Through its Nand Ghars, which are modernized anganwadis that act as centres of women & child development, Vedanta Aluminium provides quality healthcare and proper nutrition to young children, pregnant women, and new mothers.


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